Weldon Angelos Clemency Support Letter Example



Robert Zauzmer, Pardon Attorney
145 N Street N.E. Room 5E.508
Washington, D.C. 20530

Dear Mr. Zauzmer,

I am writing to ask that you grant clemency to federal prisoner Weldon Angelos #10053-081). Weldon, a first time offender, has been incarcerated since 2003. He received a sentence of 55 years for three small marijuana sales due to a sentencing enhancement because he owned a legally permitted firearm. Said weapon was not actually used or even brandished, nonetheless it triggered such an egregiously long sentence, the judge who was forced to condemn Weldon to a life behind bars immediately called upon the President and Congress to help right cruel and unusual punishment. Despite his judge’s pleas, well over a decade later, Weldon Angelos remains in a federal prison.  Unless something is done, he will be an old man by the time he is released, and his children will have grown up almost entirely without a father.

Weldon has family waiting for him and willing to help make a smoothe transition back into normal life. He has job skills that would help find gainful employment and again become a productive member of society.

The world seems to see that this man did not deserve the sentence he received. Many high profile politicians and legal professionals, along with countless members of the public have called for his release. It is these types of egregious sentences that undermine the public’s very trust in our system of justice. Furthermore, it makes no sense to waste tax dollars warehousing away a nonviolent first time offender for over half a century over 3 small marijuana sales.

Please show Weldon Angles mercy and send him home to the family who love him.

Thank you,