Michael Pelletier


Paraplegic Michael Pelletier is serving Life for MarijuanaClick for Michael Pelletier’s Marijuana Lifer Project Home Page

Thank you for your interest in marijuana lifer Michael Pelletier, a paraplegic since the age of 11, serving a sentence of life without parole for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense.  If you found this page, you likely saw one of our posters at an event, or talked to one of our volunteers, or perhaps one of Michael’s many friends and supporters.  However you got here, welcome and please click the link above for details about Michael Pelletier and his case, along with ways YOU can help marijuana liferMichael Pelletier see freedom again.

Nobody should be serving a LIFE SENTENCE for a nonviolent offense, let alone for marijuana. Michael Pelletier, his family, friends, and supporters, along with everyone here at the Marijuana Lifer Project: Ending Life Sentences for Marijuana, hope you take the time to learn more and get involved!