A Lost Witness Found – Update from Marijuana Lifer Paul Free

Paul Free is Serving Life for Marijuana

Paul Free is Serving Life for Marijuana

(originally published August 8, 2014 – Paul Free with a major development to his case)

I want to take a moment and express my sincere thanks to my childhood friend Rex Gammon. Because of Rex I now have an affidavit from the man who testified against me 20-years ago that exonerates me.

If not for Rex, this would not have been possible at all. He drove over a thousand miles on three occasions to get this done. I have not seen him in more than 40 years, he just popped up out of the blue. I have hired literally dozens of “private investigators” off of advertisements on the Internet. Almost every single one of them promised me they would interview the man and get an affidavit from him but they charged me $600 per day plus 53 cents per mile and told me over & over: “The man was not home, I waited four hours… but the neighbor said he was there last night and he should be back tomorrow… send my another $600.00 and I will go back there tomorrow.” This happened over & over. I know that the majority of investigators are current or former members of law enforcement and they want to stick together. They do not wish to see me uncover the dirty deeds of the DEA so… this is what happens, they steal prisoner’s money and we rot. That’s life.

Fortunately for me Rex Gammon stepped up and said: “I’ll go see the man and see if he is willing to speak to me and tell the truth.”

Luckily for me the man came forward and, once he learned that the agent who threatened to kill him if he ever revealed the truth, that I was innocent, had died, he admitted the truth, that he lied about me 20-years ago and that he had never seen me before trial and that he testified falsely abut me and framed me for the crimes someone else had committed.

With all the other affidavits and physical evidence showing that I did not and physically could not have done what I was convicted of, I should finally get the case reopened and obtain my freedom. It ain’t over yet, there is a lot to do but I am definitely one BIG step closer.

Now, I have to figure out how best to present all this to a judge. I have no attorney so I am doing it all by myself. I should, in theory, get an attorney appointed once a judge sees all this information. I hope so anyway. Stay tuned.

Paul Free”


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