How to Send Mail to Federal Prison for the Marijuana Lifers


Life Sentences for Marijuana, Marijuana LifersIn this post we’ll show how to send mail to federal prison.  The Marijuana Lifers love to get cards and letters from supporters.  In fact, there is no easier way for anyone to send a ray of sunshine into a very dark place.   The cards and letters show the prisoner that they have not been forgotten.

Not only will a card or letter from a supporter lift the spirit of the individual Marijuana Lifer, the guys tell us over and over again that the cards and letters lift the spirits of all the other prisoners around them as well.  It is so rare that anyone takes the time to reach inside, when someone does, it gives ALL the prisoners hope, as it shows there are actually people out here who care.

Hope is an extremely important commodity when you are behind bars, especially when someone is serving a life sentence, but it takes so little in the way of time or money for us to send hope behind the walls!  Please click on the profiles in the Meet the Prisoners section of this website, and find someone to write to today.  Thank you!

Life Sentences for Marijuana, Marijuana LifersGeneral Bureau of Prison Rules About Sending Mail to Inmates:

  • Only ink and paper are allowed, in other words, no tape, staples, stickers, glue, glitter, doo dads, etc.  While the prisoners would no doubt LOVE the handmade cards your kids make, they sadly would be returned by the prison. Handmade cards are OK, as long as they consist of only a drawing on paper.  Same with commercial cards, bypass anything fancy and stick to cards that are just images on paper.
  • Yes you may send photos.  Prisoners look at the same drab walls and people every day.  Likewise they love getting photos.  You can send up to 25 pages per envelope (photos and paper).  As long as there is no nudity and no illegal activity depicted, everything else is OK.  Send photos of yourself, your family, your pets, your vacation, pretty scenery.  Anything!
  • You can talk about most anything in your letters, except illegal activity.  If you are a cannabis activist, as many followers of this site are, it is perfectly OK to talk about that, just not anything illegal.
  • You can send up to 25 pages per envelope.
  • Books and magazines can be sent BUT they must come from a commercial bookseller, such as Amazon.  Sadly we are no longer allowed to send books and magazines from home.

Click here for the Bureau of Prisons’ mail rules and regulations and other important information.


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