Craig Cesal Clemency Support Letter Example



Robert Zauzmer, Pardon Attorney
145 N Street N.E. Room 5E.508
Washington, D.C. 20530

Dear Mr. Zauzmer,

I am asking that you grant clemency to federal prisoner Craig Cesal #52948-019). Craig is sentenced to Life Without Parole for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense and has been incarcerated since 2002. Despite the fact that many states have legalized marijuana for medical use, and some even for recreational use, Craig Cesal is sentenced to die in prison for a conspiracy to import that substance, even though his only involvement in said conspiracy was to recover and repair abandoned trucks that had been used to haul marijuana.

Other than a youthful misdemeanor, Craig Cesal had no prior offenses before being sentenced to spend his natural life in prison. He was a successful businessman, husband and father.  Craig has continued better himself, even from the confines of federal prison. He completed correspondence courses in professional writing and the courses necessary to become a paralegal/legal assistant, both which would help him secure gainful employment upon his release. He has maintained a job in the prison factory, a privilege only granted to those lifers who maintain an incident free incarceration.

Craig’s daughter Lauren, who lost her father at the age of 14 desperately wants him to come home, especially after the untimely and tragic death of her younger brother last year. Craig has a place to live with Lauren and reuniting this family who have dealt with so much tragedy would be a tremendous act of compassion.

Releasing a productive member of society whose crime involved no violence and no victims would not only benefit Craig and the daughter who loves and misses him, it would also benefit society at large. Craig Cesal has always been a hard working man who wants nothing more than to get back to a productive life. Instead of being a financial burden to society, he could be contributing to it. It makes no fiscal sense to keep a man, who was never a danger or threat to anyone, locked behind bars until he dies.

Aside from Craig, everyone else involved in his case has long been released. Yet the man who did nothing but repair trucks is sentenced to die in prison. Please show Craig Cesal compassion and allow him to return to the family who loves him.

Thank you,