80 Year Old Marijuana Lifer Alberto Rosales Granted Clemency


clemencyThe Marijuana Lifer Project sends HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to marijuana lifer Alberto Rosales and his family on the announcement of Alberto’s clemency/sentence commutation, granted by President Obama.

Eighty-year old Alberto is in poor health.  Serving a de-facto life sentence, Alberto was scheduled for release in 2029. In speaking about his friend’s impending release, Alberto’s friend and fellow marijuana lifer, Antonio Bascaro, 81, speculates Alberto might not have made it that long

Bascaro expressed gratitude that his friend was granted this compassion.  Alberto Rosales”s impending release has strengthened Antonio’s own faith that President Obama will will also send him home to his family.

MLP had just started working with Rosales, as a result of an introduction from his friend Bascaro.  We had been sporadically corresponding via email and were in the process of preparing a profile on him.  We are happy that will no longer be necessary and that Alberto Rosales will have the opportunity to reunite with his family.

We are grateful to President Obama for this clemency.  At the same time we are concerned about the many nonviolent marijuana lifers left behind,  Alberto Rosales served,an outrageous 27 years for a marijuana, conspiracy offense and yet his friend Antonio Bascaro,  who holds the record for world’s longest serving marijuana prisoner (that we know of), has been incarcerated even longer, an appalling 36 years!

We hope President Obama will continue commuting the sentences of other senior citizens who have spent decades bars such as Paul Free, John, Knock, James Tranmer, Michael Pelletier; along with other nonviolent marijuana offenders sentenced to remain behind bars until they die.


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