Antonio Bascaro Clemency Support Letter Example



Robert Zauzmer, Pardon Attorney
145 N Street N.E. Room 5E.508
Washington, D.C. 20530

Dear Mr. Zauzmer,

I am asking that you grant clemency to federal prisoner Antonio Bascaro (#03846-021). Despite having no prior convictions, Antonio was sentenced to 70 years for a nonviolent marijuana conspiracy offense. Incarcerated since 1980, his 35 years (and counting) behind bars make Antonio Bascaro the LONGEST SERVING marijuana prisoner in US history, perhaps in the world.  Antonio filed a Clemency Petition in 2014.

While Antonio will be eligible for release in in the summer of 2019, his daughter Aicha, who lost her father to prison when she 12 years old, fears that may be too late. The 81 year old grandfather, a Cuban war hero who served as a naval pilot in the Bay of Pigs invasion, is in poor health and suffers from severe back problems, glaucoma, and other ailments. Back surgery left him confined to a wheelchair for a period of time, but with the help of a walker and a lot of determination, he is slowly starting to get back on his feet.

Antonio’s crime involved no violence and no drugs aside from marijuana, and his part in it was that of a minor player. He had no prior convictions. Everyone involved in his case, including the true kingpin who ran the operation that used Cuban fishing boats to smuggle marijuana, have long been released. Antonio Bascaro, who has been a model prisoner, is the only person from this case who remains behind bars.

Please show compassion and mercy and grant Clemency to Antonio Bascaro so that he can spend the little remaining time he has left on this earth with his loving family who so desperately want him to come home.

Thank you,